Centaur’s platform enables users to upload spots and enter delivery orders at different times, and to choose which operation is performed first. The platform also makes it easy to access previous orders, for quickly creating new orders and adding additional stations.


Submit Order:

  1. Click on “New Job” in the sidebar menu (upper left corner).
  2. Click on “Spot Entry”.  Click once for each spot that you wish to enter.
  3. Fill in the ISCI, Title, Advertiser, and Destinations.
  4. Click “Submit Order”.


Upload Spots:

  1. Click on “Videos” in the sidebar menu. Make Filename match ISCI code in the Order.
  2. Drag your spots into the browser.  Alternatively, click “Upload Video” and choose your video.


Access Previous Order:

  1. Click on “Deliveries” in the sidebar menu. Double-click on one of the spots in your previous order to open the job (search box may be helpful).
  2. Click on “Reuse For New Order”. If you wish to delete a spot, right-click on the spot and select “Delete from Order”.
  3. Update Destinations.
  4. Click “Submit Order”.